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Mombasa City Tours

The Kenya Coast is a land rich in attractions especially around the famous city of Mombasa. Several tours to sample these sights are offered by African Touch Adventures. Among the things that the traveler can do in Mombasa is visit the renowned Fort Jesus with its wealth in history, take a cruise on the Tamarind Dhow with either dinner or lunch as you travel in the Indian Ocean along the Kenya Coast to the sound of romantic traditional music. Some of these trips are given below: -

Mombasa City Tour

Mombasa cityThe day begins with a tour of Mombasa, including a visit to the famous Fort Jesus and the Akamba wood carvers. After lunch at a local restaurant, travel to Haller Park (formerly known as the Bamburi Nature Trail). The area was reclaimed from a coal quarry and turned into a nature trail. Hippos, buffalo, antelope and bird-life may be seen together with fish that is to be found on the Fish Farm within the park.

Tamarind Dhow

Romantic Tamarind Dhow Transfer to the dhow "Nawalikher", meaning Gateway to Heaven. Sail gently down the Mombasa creek while you sip cocktails and your tour leader points out places of interest and recalls anecdotes of the East Africa coast's colorful past
An excellent four course dinner with a choice of seafood or a meat course is the highlight of the evening.

Mombasa Dhow Cruise

Tour the historic Mombasa Island on a dhow cruise. This is a full-day activity that takes you to a floating market and other sights along the coastline.

Malindi and Gedi Ruins(Full Day Tours from Mombasa)

Embark on a full-day tour of the historic Malindi Town, including the Gedi Ruins. Pass through the indigenous Arabuko Sokoke Forest. Visit the marine parks, the highlight of the tour. After lunch, return to Mombasa.

Wasini Island Marine Tour (Full Day)

A day's excursion to one of the neighboring islands. Cross over to Wasini Island in a boat as you are greeted by a host of dolphins. A guided tour of the island follows before a seafood lunch. Afternoon is packed with water games, which include snorkeling, diving, swimming etc. Return to your hotel before sunset.

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